How much can I save on the postage of my letters?

If you opt for postal labels, or if you immediately purchase a larger quantity of stamps, you can save 20% to 35% on your franking costs. If you choose to have your letters or mailings franked by using our Pickup & Return Service, you can even save up to 40% on your postage fees.

 So much cheaper, is that possible? aims to sell large quantities of stamps. So the bigger the volume, the bigger the discount!

Being noticed

 How can I make my letters stand out among the rest of the mail?

Do you want your mail to stand out? Use 'real' stamps that are thematically chosen according to the season, your activity or the occasion! This is possible with our postal labels.

Postal labels

 What is a postal label?

A postal label is a self-adhesive strip with a number of older stamps adhered to it, which together form a sufficient current postage.

These postal labels are not only more attractive, but also less expensive than traditional franking with new stamps. What's more, they ensure that your letter will stand out among the rest of your customer's mail.

 What is the size of such a postal label?

The labels from measure 4 x 15 cm and are specifically tailored to the standard size of elongated envelopes. There is still plenty of space for your address details.

 What are the benefits of using a postal label?

Postal labels provide a saving of 20 to 30% on the postage fees.

Moreover, the beautiful thematic and old stamps on the postal label ensure that your stamped letter stands out among the rest of the mail.

 What happens if rates change? constantly monitors Bpost's prices in order to be able to immediately adapt our products in the event of price changes. Old labels can usually still be processed within the allowed time. Should you not be able to do so in time, offers you a free readjustment! (With a maximum of 100 readjustments per customer and up to maximum of one year after the date of your order).

 Is a postal label valid indefinitely?

The stamps in BEF (Belgian Francs) on our postal labels are still valid until the end of 2027. Until then, you can still enjoy discounts of up to 40% on your postage fees! After that, we will only use stamps with euro (€) denominations, which are valid indefinitely.

 Who prepares all those postal labels? works with a team of employees to apply the stamps on the labels. Mostly flexi-job workers, who find it a great extra income!

 How should I imagine such a label?

If you have a VAT number, you can order a test package of 3 labels via this link for €1.

Franking with stamps

 Are stamps in Belgian Francs (BEF) really still usable?

Absolutely! The stamps were issued by a government authority. Stamps in BEF remain valid until the end of 2027. The stamps in euro (€) are valid indefinitely.

 Are there 2 versions of permanent validity?

Between 2007 and 2017, stamps had no mention, not even a number. Since 2015, they have had a '1' on them. However, older stamps without mention have the same value as newer stamps with a '1' and are also valid indefinitely.

 What is a 'prior' stamp?

In 2010, the Belgian Post established the 'prior' service. Meanwhile, this regulation has changed and you are therefore not allowed anymore to use these old stamps marked 'prior' as 'prior' stamps. However, they are still valid as stamps with permanent value.

 Stamps with a '1' or '3' in a sphere. What does that mean?

A '1' in a sphere with stars is a stamp with permanent validity 'Europe'. A '1' in a globe represents a stamp with permanent validity 'World'. This validity applies to standardized mail (up to 50 grams). The variant with a '3' is intended for non-standardized mail (up to 100 g). There is no stamp with '2' in a sphere.


 What is standardized mail?


rectangular shape (not square!!)
franked in the upper right corner on the side of the envelope where the recipient's address is located
minimum dimensions: 90 x 140 mm
maximum dimensions: 125 x 235 mm
maximum weight: 50 g
maximum thickness: 5 mm

If your mail does not meet ALL the conditions for a standardized format, the rate for non-standardized mail applies.

 Is this the Bpost website? is a website of Thinco BV. We are a wholesaler of stamps. We purchase large quantities of stamps, process them (individually and/or on labels), and resell them. The large volumes allow us to offer attractive discounts.